Zeetechno is the ultimate SMS gateway solution one has always for.

In the recent years of mass marketing, the ways to reach the customer might be a very confusing task. Should you and your business use methods such as emailing, SMS, Connecting on social media platforms, or via sending out old school methods such as snail mails. Even, there are more and more choices available each with their own pros and cons. But one outstanding method, no matter whether to boost a start-up or a global enterprise, comes out to be at the top, i.e., bulk SMS marketing.

The bulk SMS marketing system is the distribution of a very large number of SMS messages to different random mobile phones across a targeted area for marketing purposes. It is undoubtedly a very effective way to communicate with the potential customers as a study suggests that 96 percent of text messages are opened as compared to 24 percent of the emails that are opened and hence it is and will be around for a long time.

Sending messages in bulk to the potential customers is a fast and cost optimising task as compared to its rivals. The majority of the common people have their phones with themselves throughout the day and as researchers has found that 8 out of 10 persons opens text messages in under 5 minutes of receiving them and hence it offers the best chances of publicity.

The first and one of the most important step of implementing bulk SMS marketing technique is to make a distinct marketing list. It is very important for you to have the permission of each and every person on the list and to be assure that it is not going wrong or the illegal way.

The second important step is to create an intelligent marketing strategy which outlines the individuals whom are you trying to reach and the intension behind them. The messages should be rich in content as to encourage the customers to buy a certain product, services or to come for a consultation. Catchy phrases such as “Offers ending at midnight” or “Offers available for only the hour” are very encouraging to the customers and insists them.

As you can see, the bulk SMS marketing is one of the most useful and important part of a marketing strategy. Zeetechno provides complete environment for learning and implementing this intelligent strategy to your business. It further allows you to SMS enable different applications and can facilitate dedicated routes for time sensitive messages. Hence, Zeetechno is the ultimate SMS gateway solution one has always for.

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